Custom Embroidered Patches – Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning to purchase custom embroidered patches, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind. After all, they aren’t the most straightforward marketing solutions you’ll see on the market. They have all these options that, while making them rather attractive to those seeking customize ability in a promotional tool, tend to scare away those who haven’t yet invested in them. Well, there’s no need to worry about all the things you need to know. Just read on and you’ll discover all sorts of facts about these remarkable additions to common garments.


1.Backing Options

These patches aren’t always sewn onto clothes and caps. There are ways to attach them without having to go through all the stitching. For one, you may order patches with Velcro backing so that you could easily put them on and off from your employees’ work wear. Why do that? If you’re planning to change your company logo in the future, or at least change the specific brands or products you’re marketing, you might have to take advantage of this customization option. If, on the other hand, you’re simply concerned about the sheer difficulty of sewing patches onto shirts and caps, well, you could always go for the iron-on type. Just apply heat and you’re good to go. Actually, there’s another kind of backing that’s simply called “adhesive”. This one’s recommended for temporary use only. Why? Given that they rely on a glue-like substance to remain attached to the surface, they’ll most likely fall off soon enough due to moisture and movement.

2.Borders Do Matter

Much like backing options, patch borders come in different forms. Actually, there are just two kinds of borders you’ll be asked to choose from, namely mirrored and border less. The first kind is considered ideal if you’re planning to have custom embroidered patches that don’t have unique shapes. This means if you’re going to purchase the usual circle or shield-shaped patches, you should go for the mirrored kind. Alternatively, the border less sort will be perfect for patches that have irregular edges. Actually, they’re the only choice for these add- ons since the mirrored variant can’t be shaped in such unique ways.

3.Don’t Forget Size

It’s true that custom embroidered patches aren’t that expensive, but if you’re running a business, every penny counts. That means you’ll want to get the greatest impact from patches in your marketing attempts all while keeping the amount you spend to a minimum. With this in mind, don’t forget the fact that bigger patches come with bigger price tags. So, try to determine the ideal size for your patches. Think of the dimensions at which your logo and message can be seen clearly without having to go overboard size-wise. By choosing the smallest possible size for your patches, and assuming that you’re going to order them in bulk, you’ll definitely save a lot of money.

4.Logo’s Complexity

Much like size, design complexity can increase or decrease the amount you’ll have to spend on these custom embroidered patches. Simply put, the more complex the logo is, the pricier the outcome. Color, space covered, and other detail-related factors could affect the overall cost of your patches. So, if your brand or company logo isn’t that complex, you’ll be glad with the quote you’ll receive. On the other hand, if the logo’s rather difficult to prepare through means of embroidery, thus significantly increasing the total cost of your order, you might want to check out printed patches instead. These printed variants are easier to make (after all, they’re printed and thus, creating exact copies of logos isn’t as hard).

Also, don’t forget that you’ll have the chance to further reduce the cost of your order by just checking out various manufacturers and getting a quote from each. That’s one of the best ways to find out which one’s capable of giving you the most affordable offer without making sacrifices when it comes to the delivery time. Overall, it should be hard to purchase good custom embroidered patches. However, if you do want to invest in the very best on the market, you’ll have to spend time looking for the right manufacturer and thinking about the different options that could have a considerable impact on both quality and price.

Well, since there are many reputable patch makers are already making their presence felt on the web, your search should be a little bit easier – compared to those who’ve searched for such interesting add- ons several decades ago (imagine checking out several brick-and-mortar stores).