The Many Faces of Silicone Wristbands

Silicone Wristbands, also known as gel or jelly bands came into fame around the early to mid 2000’s.  When these first became popular, these were commonly found at events like concerts or sports tournaments.  These were used as cost effective but very catchy souvenirs.  The wristbands were miniature ways of showing support for your team or your favorite artist. Just like wearing a team shirt but a lot cheaper.

The wristbands are made of bonded polymer substance which makes these very flexible and comfortable to wear.  In addition, bands are a convenient accessory as they are water resistant.  No more worrying about getting wet in the rain or accidentally getting the wristband splattered with any type of liquid.

Because these came in a wide array of color options, the Silicone Wristbands have become a popular choice among fashionistas as they are affordable and easy to purchase.  One has the option of purchasing in bulk to get a better price.  Since these can also be customized with personal messages or logo’s, the wristbands have become quite a popular marketing tool among start up and established businesses.

Silicone Wristbands

Here are some interesting and ingenious ways people have started using wristbands.

Party Invitations

Silicone Wristbands are an obvious choice for party favors.  They are cheap and fit almost everybody so it is quite common to receive one as a thank you token for attending an event.

It would come as no surprise to find one in a goody or loot bag.  However, some clever people have also used it as an invitation instead of a regular boring printed out card. With today’s technology, there are various ways to customize the bands for the type of party invite one needs.

The simplest way to use the Silicone Wristband as an invitation would be to have the event details printed on it.   QR (Quick Response) codes or website links could be printed on the bands as well so that guests could RSVP and get more information about the party or event such as the dress code for example.

The wristbands have also helped set the mood for the event.  A lot of Valentine’s events have used these to color code guests based on their relationship status as part of the party’s theme.  The different patterns available such as stripes or camouflage prints, help give guests a subtle hint of what to expect.

Product or Brand Marketing

Some sports and apparel companies sell wristbands with their logos and brand printed on it. These Bands give the wearers a feeling of exclusivity.  It is also a way for companies to turn their customers into product endorsers without the need for a sales pitch.  Think of it as a miniature walking billboard.

Smaller or start-up businesses usually give away wrist bands to potential customers just like they would give out pens or key chains.  The bands would usually be in their company colors to attract more attention.  Details such as their website and contact information would be on the bands along with the company name.   These bands increase their market base to get more business visit : the-wristband-factory.

These wristbands have also replaced discount cards in some stores or retail businesses. Color coded wristbands are given out to potential shoppers and when they come to the store wearing the wristbands, they get discounts on their purchases.

School Pride

Anybody who has ever gone to school will agree that wearing your school colors add a little bounce to your step.  Silicone Wristbands have been used to show pride in one’s Alma Mater even years after leaving school or university.  It’s quite common to see people walking around sporting wristbands in their school’s color with the names printed on it.  It is a great ice breaker and it feels rather ridiculously satisfying to see someone from the same university or school.

Fund Raising

Whether it’s to save the planet or raise money for the varsity team, wristbands are one of the best choices for fund raising activities.  Since they can be bought in bulk for a much lower price, event organizers have used these to sell or give out as tokens. Eye catching colors and messages on the bands make it a fun and stylish way to express one’s support for a cause and help spread awareness as well.


Information can save lives, especially if one has it at a crucial moment.  Medical Alert Tags have saved countless lives by letting other people know about one’s medical condition in case of emergencies.  Traditionally these tags are made of sterling silver or stainless steel.  But these wristbands can also be used to let other people know of allergies, diagnosed illness or prescribed medication.  Information about a person’s medical condition can be printed on to the wristband to ensure that at that crucial moment people will have the vital details needed to save a life.

These are just some ways Silicone wristbands can fuse both fashion and functionality.